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St Andrews International Golf Club (Original Scooniehill Proposal)
2 Golf courses, clubhouse, 80 residential lodges - appeal rejected by Scottish Executive
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Refusal Notices - Plans for this £25m golf and leisure complex were twice rejected by the North East Fife Area Development Committee, after a lengthy process through the planning system.

Planning Reports - In recommending approval , planning officials said that the proposals were not considered to be detrimental to an area of great landscape value, and that they conformed with development plan policies.

Departure Hearing Report - Opposition had been expressed by local and national bodies including
St Andrews Community Council, the town’s preservation trust, the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland, and Scottish Natural Heritage.

Appeal Decision - A subsequent appeal was also rejected by the Scottish Executive. The Reporter decided, after consideration of Statements of Evidence heard during a Local Public Inquiry, that approval would contravene policies relating to use of prime agricultural land, development in the countryside, and the need to protect areas of high-quality landscape.

Please note that S.I.G.C have recently submitted plans for development at Feddinch

This St Andrews International Golf Club News Archive contains a broad selection of articles and press releases relating to the original Scooniehill proposal.

Scooniehill and Kingask   more

Professor Terence Lee, Letter to Editor, The Citizen, 16 March 2001

Fife Council is obviously discomfited by the Scottish Executive’s rejection of Scooniehill. The Reporter at the public inquiry based his decision to reject on many of the arguments that were ignored or overruled when Fife Council took the decision to accept Kingask. Moreover, Fife’s planning professionals had recommended acceptance of Scooniehill - more embarrassment!

A different view   more

J Hopgood and P Uprichard, Letter to Editor, The Courier, 15 March 2001

Sir, - In an article in The Courier (March 3), commenting on the Scooniehill and Kingask developments, Fife Council’s planning spokesman said that the council had “followed procedure” in both cases.

The way the wind blows   more

Jim Crumley, The Courier, 13 March 2001

As if the atrophy of the countryside was not comprehensive enough at the hands of the unholy alliance of weather and foot-and-mouth disease, a third source of devastation has been identified by this column.

Scooniehill   more

Councillor Bill Kay, Letter to Editor, The Citizen, 9 March 2001

Professor Lee is entitled to his views in trying to draw a comparison between Scooniehill and Kingask.

Fife planning mess waiting to be sorted out   more

Dr Frank Riddell, Letter to Editor, The Courier, 5 March 2001

Sir, - I am amazed at the comments made by Cllr Bill Kay (March 1) claiming no resemblance between Scooniehill and Kingask: “It is absolutely wrong to compare Kingask and Scooniehill and presuppose the outcome of a public inquiry. These were two very different planning applications”.

Community chief hits back in planning row   more

Michael Alexander, The Courier, 3 March 2001

The vice-chairman of St Andrews community council, Dr Frank Rlddell, has bit back at two senior Fife Council officials who told The Courier this week that no comparison could be made between the £25 million golf and leisure developments at Scooniehill and the St Andrews Bay scheme at Kingask on the outskirts of St Andrews.

Call to planners after Scooniehill decision   more

Michael Alexander, The Courier, 2 March 2001

The Scottish Executive’s decision to reject plans for a £25 million golf and leisure development at Scooniehill, near St Andrews, must cast “considerable doubt” on the quality of advice given by Fife Council’s planners, claimed the vice-chairman of St Andrews Community Council Dr Frank Riddell yesterday.

Reporter rejects Scooniehill plans   more

The Citizen, 2 March 2001

The decision to throw out plans for a £25 million golf and leisure complex on the outskirts of St Andrews has been met with relief from conservation bodies in the town.

Scooniehill   more

Prof. Terence Lee, Letter to Editor, The Citizen, 2 March 2001

The outcome of the Scooniehill inquiry (rejection) is a considerable boost for those who are trying to preserve the unique character of St. Andrews.

Scooniehill snub fuels bay scheme claims   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 1 March 2001

News that plans for a £25 million golf and leisure development at Scooniehill, near St Andrews, have been rejected by the Scottish Executive has been described as a "great victory" by the chairman of the St Andrews Green Belt Forum.

Golf plan at St Andrews rejected   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 28 February 2001

Plans for a £25 million golf and leisure complex south of St Andrews have been rejected by a Scottish Executive Reporter, who decided approval would contravene approved Fife Council policies.

Visual impact is 'overriding factor,' inquiry told   more

The Courier, 29 November 2000

The visual impact of a new £25 million golf and leisure development near St Andrews is the “overriding factor” to be taken into account as a planning appeal is determined.

Developers see St Andrews as 'pot of gold', inquiry told   more

The Courier, 25 November 2000

In recent years developers placing unremitting pressure on St Andrews see a “pot of gold waiting to be plundered”, the chairman of St Andrews Preservation trust, Dorothea Morrison, told the Scooniehill inquiry yesterday. Such developers saw no limit to numbers of free-spending visitors attracted by the “magic” of the town’s name, she added.

Town's golf courses near capacity, inquiry told   more

The Courier, 24 November 2000

Pressure on St Andrews Links Courses - particularly the Old Course - will increase if a £25 million golf and leisure project near the town was given planning consent.

Fife councillor strongly backs Scooniehill plan   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 23 November 2000

A leading north-east Fife councillor yesterday gave his strong backing to the £25 million golf and leisure development planned for a 460-acre site on the southern edge of St Andrews.

Golf project not to start until £7m raised   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 22 November 2000

Work on a proposed £25 million golf and leisure project near St Andrews will not start until £7 million has been raised from advance membership sales which would be predominantly in the US.

Scooniehill public inquiry set to begin   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 20 November 2000

The future of the £25 million golf and leisure development planned for the 460-acre Scooniehill site south of St Andrews hangs on the findings of a public inquiry which will start in the town tomorrow.

Golf development Inquiry date set   more

The Courier, 31 October 2000

The Scottish Executive has announced details of a public inquiry focusing on a £25 million golf and leisure development on an extensive site south of St Andrews.

Public inquiry into golf development plans   more

The Courier, 18 October 2000

St Andrews Community Council is to be represented at a public inquiry next month to argue its case against controversial plans for a new £25 million golf and leisure development on an extensive site to the south of the town.

Public inquiry to decide on future of golf complex   more

The Courier, 1 September 2000

The future of plans for a new £25 million golf and leisure development on an extensive site to the south of St Andrews is to be decided at a public inquiry.

Scooniehill plans turned down again   more

Anita Rogan, The Citizen, 2 June 2000

A second application for a golf-related resort at Scooniehill, outside St Andrews, was turned down by Fife Council’s East Area Development Committee on Tuesday despite a recommendation for approval by council officials. The “amended submission” by developers, The International Golf Club of St Andrews, was lodged back in September after the original proposal was refused by the Strategic Development Committee last summer.

St Andrews in new golf course battle

Two-course £25 million project rejected by councillors   more

James Rougvie, The Scotsman, 1 June 2000

Developers are teeing up a lengthy battle with a council after a £25 million proposal for a golf and leisure complex on the edge of St Andrews was rejected by planners.

Plans for Golf and Leisure Complex rejected   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 31 May 2000

Plans for a new £25 million golf and leisure development on a 460-acre site at Scooniehill, to the south of St Andrews, were rejected yesterday by members of Fife Council’s east area development committee.

Scooniehill objectors speak out   more

The Citizen, 31 March 2000

Objectors to a new outline application lodged by St Andrews International Golf Club Ltd., for a £25 million golf-related development at Scooniehill Farm, addressed a departure hearing in Madras College, St Andrews, this week.

Scooniehill supporters and opponents to have their say   more

The Courier, 30 March 2000

No work would take place at the latest major St Andrews site being targeted by golf and leisure developers until 10 million dollars worth of international memberships had been sold.

Developers to press on with Scooniehill plans   more

The Courier, 14 July 1999

The developers behind plans for an £18 million golf and leisure development at Scooniehill, just outside St Andrews, have declared their intention to fight on in their bid to gain planning permission.

Heritage body objects to plan for Scooniehill   more

Michael Alexander, The Courier, 29 April 1999

The Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland has formally objected to the £18 million golf course development proposed for Scooniehill on the south side of St Andrews.

Community Council object to Scooniehill plans   more

The Citizen, 5 February 1999

St Andrews Community Council have lodged detailed objections to the proposed Scooniehill golf course development.

Transport impact to be assessed   more

The Citizen, 29 January 1999

Traffic consultants have been instructed to produce a full Transport Impact Assessment on the effects of the proposed new golf course development at Scooniehill, on the south side of St Andrews.

Developers try to allay fears   more

The Courier, 23 January 1999

The developers behind a multi-million-pound plan for golf courses, members accommodation and leisure facilities on a site at Scooniehill, on the southern outskirts of St Andrews, have moved quickly to try to allay any fears over visual impact or traffic congestion.

Division over new proposals   more

The Citizen, 15 January 1999

Members of St Andrews Community Council are divided over the effect that a new golfing development, covering 500 acres on land around Scooniehill Farm, will have.

Latest golf project has 'green' in sight   more

The Courier, 12 January 1999

The latest multi-million golf and leisure development planned for countryside near St Andrews would be “ecology-led” and have low visual impact.

Yet another golf plan for St Andrews   more

The Courier, 20 November 1998

St Andrews has been targeted for another multi-million-pound golf and leisure development which would help satisfy the ever-growing demand from the USA.

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