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St Andrews Links Trust - Golf Course No 7 (Kinkell)
Remote non-links relief golf course and clubhouse - planning approval granted March 2004
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St Andrews Links Trust claim that it is necessary to build this remote, 'non-links', clifftop golf course and clubhouse in order to accommodate local golfers. By displacing local golfers to this remote course, and away from their favoured clubhouses, the Links Trust will be able to accommodate more 'high spend' visiting golfers on the 'overrated' Old Course, and the other existing true-links courses closer to town.

“There seems to be an unwillingness among certain people on the tourism side of this town to understand that we’re not building a course for tourists. All the other courses built recently have been set up for visitors, but that’s not what we’re doing. We’re dealing with the extra demand we get from local golfers. .......... Nobody else in the area provides for local golfers. If the proportion of local golfers grows then visitors are pushed out and that affects everyone. The entire product, the St Andrews golf experience, suffers too.” - Peter Mason, Links Trust

During the planning phase concerns were raised at both local and national level. Newsnight Scotland broadcast a report covering some of these concerns. The Dundee Courier kept us informed, as usual. The St Andrews Citizen provided the occasional report - unaware, perhaps, of the healthy debate ongoing in its letters column!

Concerns were raised by local businesses (worried about economic impact, questioning viability), by local golfers (fearing displacement from their favoured courses), by officials (possible policy issues), and by local residents and conservation groups (environmental, traffic, access, knock-on effects etc)

“If it were a purely commercial course, I don’t see that it would survive in the current marketplace. Tourism is down, especially from the US, and a new course will simply dilute things further. We have to face facts: the cake hasn’t got any bigger.” - Jonathan Stapleton, general manager of the Old Course Hotel

Further background information regarding this development

Read the Departure Hearing Planning Report

This Kinkell News Archive contains a broad selection of articles to date.

Go-ahead for new Fife golf courses   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 31 March 2004

Tens of millions of pounds worth of new investment could soon be coming to St Andrews along with dozens of new jobs as a result of the approval of major planning applications relating to golf and leisure.

Accused of acting in haste   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 30 March 2004

Controversy over a Fife Council recommendation for approval of a major golf-related planning application at St Andrews continued yesterday as the town’s community council accused the local authority of acting with “haste” in the decision-making process.

Trust explains decision on course   more

The Courier, 30 March 2004

The reasons behind the thinking of the conservation pressure group, St Andrews Preservation Trust, in not opposing the controversial plans by the town’s golf administrators to develop a seventh 18-hole course have been fully outlined in its latest publication for members.

Council accused over green belt   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 29 March 2004

Fife Council has been accused of acting totally against previous top-level and apparently cast-iron assurances about development proposals for land which will form part of the long awaited green belt for St Andrews.

Fife golf proposals set for approval   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 26 March 2004

St Andrews could soon have another two 18-hole golf courses and a range of associated facilities.

Concerns of bias over course plan dismissed   more

Michael Alexander, The Courier, 22 March 2004

A St Andrews councillor confirmed yesterday that she will participate in the decision-making process for St Andrews Links Trust's proposed new seventh public golf course, dismissing suggestions her influence on the vote might be biased by her having spent seven years as a member of the links management committee.

Golf course study unlikely   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 6 March 2004

Requests from several different bodies for the provision of an independent economic impact study relating to the proposed new seventh public golf course in St Andrews appear to have been rejected by Fife Council officials.

Group clarifies golf plan stance   more

The Courier, 13 February 2004

St Andrews Community Council has suggested that an East Neuk councillor may have got his wires crossed when discussing its views on the proposed seventh public golf course planned by St Andrews Links Trust.

Trust under fire over plan to build seventh course   more

Rosemary Dewar, The Citizen, 13 February 2004

St Andrews Links Trust came under fire at a special hearing into its plans to build a seventh new golf course on the outskirts of the town.

Links trust defends seventh golf course plan   more

Michael Alexander, The Courier, 12 February 2004

St Andrews Links Trust is making a written submission to the planning service at Fife Council after various questions were raised last week over the body’s plans for creating a seventh public golf course on land just outside the town.

Trust links bar councillors from course decision   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 11 February 2004

Three Fife councillors have taken steps to explain why they cannot become involved in decision making or debate about St Andrews Links Trust’s proposed new seventh public golf course.

Plan for a seventh golf course raises questions   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 7 February 2004

Fife Council seems likely to seek further detailed information from St Andrews Links Trust about three separate issues relating to the body’s plans for creating a seventh public golf course on land just outside the town.

Opinions on golf course to be aired   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 3 February 2004

Fife Council planners have confirmed that the planned seventh public golf course for St Andrews is potentially prejudicial to the forthcoming definition of the long-awaited green belt for the town.

Tourism operators query need for new golf course   more

The Courier, 2 February 2004

Proposals by St Andrews Links Trust for the creation of a seventh public golf course on land just outside the town have been questioned by representatives of leading Fife golf tourism business operators who claimed St Andrews is an “increasingly expensive” destination for visitors.

Traders express concern over proposed course   more

The Courier, 31 January 2004

St Andrews traders have voiced concerns over the possible impact on existing businesses in the university town if a new 18-hole golf course proposed by St Andrews Links Trust is given the green light.

Opposition to plans for seventh course   more

The Courier, 23 January 2004

Controversial plans by St Andrews Links Trust for a seventh golf course on the edges of the town have been opposed by St Andrews Community Council, amid claims that it is premature and is a threat to the town’s proposed green belt and its landscape setting.

Detailed objections to proposed golf course   more

The Courier, 7 January 2004

Controversial proposals by St Andrews Links Trust to develop a seventh golf course in the town have run Into opposition from St Andrews Community Council.

Call for impact study of plan for new golf course   more

The Courier, 6 January 2004

The Kingdom of Fife Tourist Board wants to see an independent economic assessment of the likely impact of a seventh public golf course for St Andrews before any planning consent is granted for the venture.

Golf: Kingdom of strife   more

Alasdair Reid, The Sunday Times, 21 December 2003

St Andrews is turning into a golfing Disneyland say angry locals who claim a new course will be an ugly blot on the landscape.

Protesters swing into action over 'theme park' plan for St Andrews   more

Jeremy Watson, Scotland on Sunday, 21 December 2003

It has brought jobs, prosperity and global recognition to a small corner of the Kingdom of Fife. St Andrews is now known worldwide as the traditional home of golf, but plans to transform 220 acres of prime farmland on the cliffs above the famous town into a new golfing paradise are shattering the calm of the sport’s historic playground.

Forum under fire over golf course decision   more

Michael Alexander, The Courier, 17 December 2003

St Andrews Green Belt Forum has “not enhanced its reputation” by deciding not to object to plans from St Andrews Links Trust for the creation of a seventh public golf course on the outskirts of the town.

'In principle' support sought for golf course   more

Michael Alexander, The Courier, 15 December 2003

A new golf course at St Andrews may come a step nearer today.

Resignations after golf decision   more

The Courier, 8 December 2003

Plans from St Andrews Links Trust for the creation of a seventh public golf course have received a substantial but controversial boost with news that the St Andrews Green Belt Forum has decided not to lodge a formal planning objection.

Conservationists object to golf course plan   more

The Courier, 1 October 2003

A national conservation body has lodged a formal objection with Fife Council over plans from St Andrews Links Trust for the creation of a seventh public golf course in the area.

Brownhills site will meet golfing demand   more

The Courier, 30 September 2003

St Andrews Links Trust looked at two sites close to the existing six public golf courses in the town ore choosing land on an elevated site on the opposite side of the community in their bid to build a seventh course.

Locals' access to golf at St Andrews   more

Colin McAllister, Letter to Editor, Scotland on Sunday, 28 September 2003

As one of the irate St Andrews golfers Gerard de Groot refers to in his article of September 21, I am amazed that the professor of modem history at my alma mater should take so little trouble to check his facts.

Less-than-swinging times as home of golf bunkers visitors    more

Gerard Degroot, Scotland on Sunday, 21 September 2003

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to turn away from world events and take a look at the issues on one’s doorstep. Where I live, in St Andrews, it takes a really big story to push golf off the front pages of our weekly newspaper, the Citizen. I’m talking about something on the order of ‘Chicken Farm Planned for Strathkinness’, a shocker which merited two inch headlines a few years ago.

Golf plans must come before impact study   more

The Courier, 30 August 2003

The possibility of Fife Council calling for additional information on the economic impact of the proposed new seventh public golf course for St Andrews will only be considered after the submission of a formal planning application.

Hoteliers call for inquiry into seventh course   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 29 August 2003

Members of the St Andrews Hotel and Guest House Association have lent their support to calls for a special economic impact study as part of the planning process for the proposed new seventh public golf course in the town.

Golf course plan receives boost   more

The Courier, 28 August 2003

Proposals by St Andrews Links Trust to develop a new multi-million pound golf course on the edge of the town have received a significant boost with the news that a leading conservation pressure group is not planning to object to the initiative.

New golf course   more

Letters to Editor, The Citizen, 22 August 2003

J. Michael Buchanan, London

Prompted by features and letters in the Press, I visited the exhibition on the Links Trust’s proposed ‘Course Seven’ and then, in a Sunday paper, read the headline ‘Golf clubs face crisis from lack of interest’.

Colin McAllister, St Andrews   more

It is interesting to note the lack of response from the Links Trust to my letter of August 8. I take it this means that my demonstration of the lack of need for a seventh golf course is substantially correct, as I am sure that if the Links Trust had been able to refute my argument, then they would have done so.

Golf gulf widens over new course   more

The Courier, 15 August 2003

Differences in emphasis between the golf operations of St Andrews Links Trust and other commercial ventures in the area have been highlighted by the body as debate continues about the proposed new seventh course for the town.

Backing for golf course study   more

The Courier, 14 August 2003

A call for the provision of a special economic impact study as part of the planning process or the new seventh golf course planned by St Andrews Links Trust has been backed by a leading figure in the local golf industry.

Seventh golf course faces delay to 2006   more

The Courier, 11 August 2003

Plans for creation of St Andrews Links Trust’s new seventh golf course could be held up until 2006 as Fife Council prepares its new local plan for the whole of north-east Fife.

New golf course   more

Letter to Editor, The Citizen, 8 August 2003

Colin McAllister, St Andrews

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.” So the Links Trust want to spend £6.7m on a new golf course. The designer of the golf course has already made his name in the USA, so no doubt it will be a first class course. But do we in St Andrews really need it? I think any rational examination of the facts must produce the answer ‘No’. Where is the money coming from? As I do not know, let me suppose two extremes, within which the answer must undoubtedly lie.

MSP cautions on over-provision of golf courses   more

The Courier, 6 August 2003

Care will have to be taken to ensure that the “traditional mix” of attractions for St Andrews is not skewed by over-provision of golf courses.

Call for study into new course   more

Edward Black, The Scotsman, 6 August 2003

The manager of a prestigious hotel complex at the home of golf has called for an impact study into the effects of building a new £7 million course amid fears that St Andrews is becoming “Disneyfied”.

Golf course study urged   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 5 August 2003

The general manager of one of the biggest and most prestigious hotel complexes in Scotland has called on Fife Council to seek a special economic impact study as part of the planning process for the St Andrews Links Trust’s proposed new seventh course.

Proposed St Andrews golf course exhibition   more

The Courier, 23 July 2003

An exhibition mounted by St Andrews Links Trust will be showing details of its proposed new golf course - it will be the seventh to come under its administration if given the green light by Fife Council planners - opened yesterday.

Bosses look into option of new golf course   more

The Courier, 12 March 2003

Golf bosses in St Andrews have started preparation of the detailed assessment of the potential environmental effects of their plans to develop a seventh course on the outskirts of the town.

Heritage body not convinced by claims   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 21 February 2003

A leading conservation body has warned it will need to see “substantial evidence” to be convinced of claims being made about the proposed seventh golf course planned by St Andrews Links Trust.

Links Trust's golf course land deal   more

The Courier, 20 February 2003

After several months of negotiation, St Andrews Links Trust announced yesterday that it has successfully concluded the deal to purchase land for a seventh golf course.

Course plans to be put to public   more

The Courier, 20 January 2003

Plans for the development of a new seventh golf course by St Andrews Links Trust to meet demand from around the world are likely to go out to public consultation in a matter of weeks.

Location for seventh golf course revealed   more

The Courier, 12 November 2002

The location of land being targeted for the new “seventh golf course” being planned by St Andrews Links Trust was formally revealed yesterday.

Search for golf course takes leap forward   more

The Courier, 8 November 2002

The search by St Andrews Links Trust or its seventh golf course in the town has taken a huge leap forward with confirmation that legal discussions on land purchase are now well advanced.

Rumours of new golf course site   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 31 July 2002

The search by St Andrews Links Trust for a new golf course to supplement the existing links facilities has led to close examination of land near the coast at the eastern edge of the town.

Search for new golf course site as pressure grows   more

The Courier, 21 May 2002

Golfing managers in St Andrews are stepping up their hunt for more land to develop another 18-hole golf course in the town.

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